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Glasgow Private Luxury Tour

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Glasgow Private Luxury Tour

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Glasgow | Greenock
7 Hours
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Explore Glasgow in style by having a Luxury Private Tour to drive you between locations.

By opting for a private tour, you’ll have your driver’s undivided attention for questions, and you won’t have to wait around for other travellers.

See many of Glasgow’s top attractions in a day. Highlights include Glasgow Cathedral, Clydeside Distillery and George Square.

Glasgow Cathedral:

Your day starts at Glasgow Cathedral, also called the High Kirk of Glasgow, St. Kentigern’s or St Mungo’s Cathedral, where the patron saint of Glasgow, Saint Mungo, allegedly built his church with their tomb in the lower crypt.

Mobility: Medium

Provand’s Lordship:

In the shadow of Glasgow Cathedral is the Provand’s Lordship, built in 1471, which stands as a medieval-period historic house museum located at the top of Castle Street and is the oldest remaining house in Glasgow, the cathedral itself being the oldest building. Today the house is furnished with a collection of seventeenth-century Scottish furniture donated by Sir William Burrell.

Mobility: Easy

St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art:

Visit St. Mungos Museum which houses exhibits relating to all the world’s major religions, including a Zen garden and a sculpture showing Islamic calligraphy.

Mobility: Easy

The Merchant City:

The entire area was a planned civic development of magnificent houses, shops and warehouses. In the last 15 years the area has undergone significant development with many of the warehouses being converted into stylish apartments and the growth of shops, bars and restaurants. The area takes its name from the great traders of the 18th century whose warehouses were filled with the spoils of the British Empire; tobacco, sugar and rum.

Mobility: Medium

Clydeside Distillery:

Glasgow’s stills are flowing again at the Clydeside Single Malt Scotch Whisky Distillery, Glasgow’s first dedicated single malt distillery in over 100 Years. Take a tour and discover the story and watch craftsmen distil, set in Glasgow’s famous Queens Docks a great spot to same our water of life and grab some lunch.

Mobility: Easy

People’s Palace and Winter Gardens:

The Peoples Palace and Winter Gardens situated in Glasgow Green, a glasshouse and a museum of social history for the city of Glasgow since the 1940s, and tells the story of the people and the city from 1750 to the present day.

Mobility: Easy

George Square:

Travel into the heart of the city around George Square: considered by many to be Glasgow’s City Centre. It’s a great place to start seeing the sights. The Square was designed and built in the late 19th century at the height of Glasgow’s prosperity. The Victorian buildings, including the splendid City Chambers, are a grand reminder of yesteryear and are a point of pride for the city.

Mobility: Easy

There are many other attractions in and around Glasgow, if you wanted to change the itinerary then please get in touch.

Our Aim is to give you the very best experience of Glasgow and Scotland with our Private Sightseeing Excursion.

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